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Was able to get an appointment promptly. Dr Lorenzo was friendly and helped me with my dental issue. Professional and great communication and dental work. Would recommend

Patient reviews

March, 2024 - J. P. - Verified patient
Was able to get an appointment promptly. Dr Lorenzo was friendly and helped me with my dental issue. Professional and great communication and dental work. Would recommend
September, 2023 - S. M. - Verified patient
The could have been a bit more gentle
June, 2023 - R. S. - Verified patient
Very professional and friendly. Would definitely visit again.
May, 2023 - A. E. - Verified patient
Dr DallAsta was very efficient. He was careful and sensitive and put me at my ease.
May, 2023 - M. . - Verified patient
March, 2023 - M. L. - Verified patient
December, 2022 - C. B. - Verified patient
Dr. DallAsta took care of my six year old son. Very friendly and professional. My go to dentist if I am in Rome again.
November, 2022 - A. T. - Verified patient
August, 2022 - S. P. - Verified patient
August, 2022 - L. G. - Verified patient
Dr. DallAsta made the process so easy and quick, and I was able to get pain relief so that I could enjoy the rest of my holiday. Thank you!
July, 2022 - E. F. - Verified patient
Dr lorenzo was phenomenal. Me and my family are from california and tourists here in Rome. We highly recommend Dr Lorenzo and his team.
June, 2022 - E. T. - Verified patient
Phenomenal doctor.
June, 2022 - J. T. - Verified patient
Very clean office and covid procedures. Thorough cleaning. Would recommend
May, 2022 - G. K. - Verified patient
January, 2022 - W. S. - Verified patient
January, 2022 - T. W. - Verified patient
Very warm and professional. DrLorenzo is an excellent dentist!
January, 2022 - R. S. - Verified patient
Dr. Lorenzo is very kind, and he gave the best service. Grazie mille..
December, 2021 - T. H. - Verified patient
He was quick to respond and helped me get back to enjoying my vacation quickly
December, 2021 - S. M. - Verified patient
Very professional
October, 2021 - T. V. - Verified patient
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